Jesus' Guide to Divine Healingold

Jesus' Guide to Divine Healing

divinehealingcoversm Jesus' Guide to Divine Healing

By Ferd Sebastion. Step by Step Instructions, How to Receive Your Healing!

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From: Laura Mohammed

Watch Jesus at work ... 2jesus

From: Munah Phillips

I was so touched by Sis Laura's testimony, indeed our God is powerful and mighty; no one can measure up with him. I just finished with the book and I am blessed. Not only have I believed that I am healed but also learned so much, praise be to JESUS, MY LOVE. This book opened my eye to the kingdom of God and His will and purposes for our lives. I am grateful for such a gift that no amount of money can buy. I will get copies for some family and friends that I believed needs it. God indeed gave you great insight to write the book, praise be to Jesus for you, Man of God.

I know by the blood of Jesus I am healed! Glory be to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I need you to please join me in thanking and praising Jesus for my powerful healing.

Jesus is Lord! I am so happy right now.

Thank you so much
Your Daughter in Christ.
Munah Phillips

9 responses to “Jesus' Guide to Divine Healingold”

  1. grace says:

    hie i would like to join 2Jesus it has inspired me,this is my chance to get close to Jesus..i also would like to get my healing too

  2. Henry Patterson says:

    I've dealt with alcoholism, pornography,and now afraid I may have an STD. But what bothers me the most is that I've had numerous occasions to preach the gospel and truly believe Jesus is calling me..right now. Please pray that healing and recovery plus purpose, will transform my life. God bless you

  3. Bitrus Danladi says:

    Thank God for ur healing, am believing God for divine healing too, pls pray for me, tanks

  4. matimu says:

    I need your prayers, i want to get rid of anger, be healed sinced i was diagnosed with HIV in 2015 im only 24 years of age and i have one child, i want to get married one day and have more children! please pray for me Pastor i want to be healed so that i can live with no worries and i believed that im healed in jesus name Amen.

  5. carlos kafuridza says:

    How do I sent a prayer request

  6. K Brown says:

    Please help me pray for healing from hsv 1 and 2 it is really bad sometimes i think about suicide. Pls help me

  7. Tyra says:

    I was diagnosed with hsv1 & hsv2, I am seeking God everyday trying to sharpen my relationship with him & worship more.. I have went to church & been prayed for.. I have faith I am healed by the blood of Jesus Christ but I would love to receive more prayers for healing!

  8. Taylor says:

    Please pray for me as I will for you guys i get my results on the 28 Th. I know that i will be healed with a negative result! In your name Jesus amen!!!

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